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How to Use the Library Database

How to Use the Library Database

1. Go to the library’s website at      .
to search the library catalog for the
books, DVDs or other materials you’d like to
check out.
2. Use the drop-down menu to search all words, title, author (last name, first name), or
3. Click on the blue link for the item you want to check out. Scroll to the bottom to see i
the item is available. (“STATUS” would say “IN”.)
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4. Click the “Add to Clipboard” button.

5. Once you’ve made all of your selections, click the “Clipboard” icon. Then copy the
list of requested materials and paste it into an email to
Any requests received by Wednesday will be available on Saturday during the same

6. Pick up your requested materials on Saturday between 10 a.m. and noon following
the socially-distanced procedure described above.

7. Enjoy!