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Warming and Cooling Center

Warming and Cooling Center Policy

The Palermo Community Library shall be open to the public as a Warming and Cooling Center as a temporary facility that is made available during extreme temperature conditions when normal heating, cooling, electrical infrastructure in the home are ineffective or unavailable.

During periods of extended power outages, the Library shall provide warmth, power for medical equipment, charging of phones/laptops, use of WI-FI, patron computers, library services, books, games, DVDs, TV, restroom, drinking and potable water.

The Library shall also serve as an air-conditioned cooling center to provide temporary relief from the effects of a heat wave. Even in Maine, where home air conditioning is more rare, summer can bring temperatures exceeding 90º F. Cooling centers, besides the services listed above, also provide shade.

  1. The Library shall be open a limited number of hours for a limited number of days and provide limited services.
  2. The Library shall be staffed by volunteers who shall make their best effort to open the Library when it is safe. Additional volunteers may be needed.
  3. The Library is not an overnight shelter and shall not provide food.
  4. It is not day care for children, the elderly, or others who cannot care for themselves.
  5. It is assumed that individuals who use the Library can return to their homes when the Library closes.
  6. Hours of operation during an emergency shall be found by calling 993-6088, Facebook, Library website and local community online lists.

7. Users of the Library during emergencies may bring food, and non-alcoholic beverages. When users leave, they shall take their trash with them.

Approved by Board of Trustees on February 10, 2020.