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Patron Computer Use Agreement

Patron Computer Use Agreement


I have read and agree to the following user responsibilities and to the right of the Library staff to restrict or prevent my use of Library’s computer equipment if I fail to abide by the responsibilities and limits below:


User Responsibilities:


  1. Sign in at the reference desk before using the workstations using your patron ID. (The librarian will provide you with your patron ID.)


  1. If someone is waiting, the time limit is 1 hour.


  1. Do not damage or alter the computer software or hardware. Computer and Internet settings may not be changed and the downloading of files to workstation hard drives is prohibited. No peripheral devices may be connected to any Library workstation with the exception of a USB flash drive. Examples: smart phones, digital cameras, printers, tablets, or notebooks.


  1. Patrons may use USB flash drives for saving work. The Library is not responsible for any loss or damage to a person’s flash drive.


  1. Patrons must abide by all U.S. copyright laws.


  1. Email is allowed for users who have their own account. The Library does not provide email accounts or allow use of its accounts.


  1. The user is responsible for charges incurred by accessing fee-based services and must not enter the Library’s name at these sites. Security of credit card purchases made on the Internet cannot be guaranteed.


  1. Users may not use the Library workstations for illegal or criminal purposes.


  1. Simultaneous use of two or more workstations is prohibited by one patron.


  1. Users of the Library’s workstations may not send, receive, (by email, chat rooms, or social media), print or display any child pornography whether text or graphics, that are legally defined by State of Maine Law as “obscene” or “child pornography”.


  1. All workstations at the Library are in a public area. We ask you to respect other library

patrons around you and consider this before accessing potentially controversial material or material that may be deemed “harmful to minors” as defined by law. It is inappropriate to view sexually graphic and/or explicit materials at public workstations.


I agree to comply with the responsibilities and limits above.


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Revised October 7, 2019