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Kindle Borrowing Agreement



When a patron signs for a Kindle, the patron acknowledges that it is fully functioning,

undamaged, and that all parts are intact. The patron is required to thoroughly inspect and test the

Kindle before checking it out. Anyone who does not inspect the equipment at the time of

checkout will be responsible for all missing or damaged parts.

  1. Patrons 14 years old and older may borrow Kindles. (Patrons under 18 years, old must have a

parent’s signature and assurance of age of child.) .

  1. Kindles may be borrowed for two weeks and may be renewed once unless there is a hold by

another patron.

  1. A family may borrow only one Kindle at a time.
  2. Patrons may request that the library add free books (books in the public domain) to the

Kindle. If time permits; the free book will be loaded onto the Kindle immediately. However, in

most cases, the book will be added later and the patron will be called to pick it up.) .

  1. Patrons may request books to be purchased for Kindles. Such requests will be considered by

the Library Collection Committee as part of the overall book acquisition policy. _

  1. Patrons must return the Kindle to Library Staff directly —-                                                                                KINDLES MUST NOT BE PUT IN BOOK DROP!                                                                                                            They could be damaged and cause replacement charges for patrons.
  1. If Kindles are returned late, the overdue fee is $1.00 per day. _

Patrons who check out a Kindle must agree to accept responsibility for the proper handling,

authorized use, and condition of the Kindle until it is checked back into the Library. This

Includes financial responsibility for the retail value of the Kindle and for any accessories

accompanying it if they are lost or damaged.

Replacement Costs: Kindle –       $ 120.00

Charger                                                $ 30.00

Case                                                      $ 15.00

Handling Fee                                      $ 15.00

$ 180.00