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By Oliver Jeffers

In this childlike fantasy, a boy finds an airplane and takes it out for a ride—to the moon, where it runs out of fuel. Just as his flashlight grows dim, a spaceship crashes, and a Martian climbs out. Initially, each fears the other, but they quickly become fast friends. Soon they’re carrying out a splendid plan to repair their spacecraft and get back to their homes. Children who know Jeffers’ Lost and Found (2006) and How to Catch a Star (2004) may recognize the distinctive figure of the boy, with his large head, sticklike legs, and striped shirt, and catch other visual references to the earlier books. Economy of line in both text and pictures combine with Jeffers’ flair for storytelling to create plenty of fine, original scenes. The deadpan text is well matched by the slightly quirky pencil-and-watercolor illustrations, which make great use of color and composition on the large, double-page spreads. An imaginative space adventure for young children


The start of the book walk is at the Palermo Preserve established by The Midcoast Conservancy.                            The terrain has some small hills  and this area has ticks and poison Ivy so please take wear appropriate shoes and clothes.  Parking is available at the beginning of the trail.


Palermo Preserve, 1401-1599 Turner Ridge Rd, Palermo, ME 04354


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