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Curbside pickup still available. Send email by Wednesday and

pick up on Saturday. Masks required.

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Support for Teaching Your Children at Home




Please note that the Palermo Community Library acts as

an emergency warming and cooling center.

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The Library now has Minecraft





Tablet with Internet for Free or Low Cost

        National Digital Equity Center

Apples with John Bunker

Artwork by Abbott Meader On Wednesday 2/24/2021 John Bunker delivered an excellent talk of  Grandma’s Apple Orchard: The perfect orchard with only 12 Trees How did she do it? Click Here!     The entire recording is 1 hour long however the presentation only starts at 9:50 minutes into the recording.  You can use the slide …

Minecraft Game

The Library now has Minecraft on the three patron computers. Minecraft Game night is organized for Wednesday evening, 6-7:30, However, patrons can access the game anytime the Library is open. Come and enjoy this game with others

Support for Teaching Your Children at Home

Support for Teaching Your Children at Home The Palermo Community Library realizes that supporting your children with their schoolwork can be a challenge during these unusual times. Whether you fully homeschool your children or not, you might find the tips and resources from these websites useful. If you know of any additional resources, please email …